Mayor’s wine tasting event rocks The Armory

On November 21, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Mayor Joseph Curtatone hosted his Second Annual Fall Reception and Wine Tasting event at The Armory on Highland Avenue last Wednesday evening. Good food, fine wine, jazz music and a full house of friends and supporters made it a spectacular evening for all to enjoy.

– William Tauro


4 Responses to “Mayor’s wine tasting event rocks The Armory”

  1. Ray Spitzer says:

    yeah, right wine “tasting”… Good excuse for getting drunk. Pathetic leadership.

  2. j. connelly says:

    Geez…No Hoda or Kathy Lee from NBC (National Booze Channel)???
    I see the mayor at all of these type of events but for a guy who wants everyone to know he’s all for bettah health, exercise, etc. I havent seen him jog by my house in any of the road race events….Possibly a joey ruiz???…lol

  3. Jennifer Lynch says:

    Joe’s beer belly is showing! The guy needs to stop drinking and go on a diet! Also, why is his jacket sleeve so wrinkled? Did he sleep with his jacket on???

  4. Somerbreeze says:

    Will the mayor be appointing an Administrative Aide For Wine Tasting now?

    (Salary to be paid out of a Rainy Day Fund, of course–Nudge, nudge, Wink, wink)….

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