Ward 2 ResiStat Neighborhood Meeting

On November 7, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Cathleen Twardzik

At a recent Ward 2 ResiStat Neighborhood Meeting, which was well attended, essential issues were discussed by those who attended. The meeting served as a forum for people to bring up points and for the mayor and department heads, among others, to hash out issues.

The rationale of these bi-annual meetings is “to provide residents with data regarding their ward and an opportunity to bring up issues that they might have questions or concerns about,” said Alderman Maryann Heuston, of Ward 2.

“I brought up the issue of flooding in certain areas of the ward and let folks know that we are working on short and long term solutions, and I am scheduling a second meeting of the flood committee of the [Board of Aldermen] (BOA) in late November, and there was some general agreement that the rodent issue had improved, although there are still certain hot spots that the city is working on. They also asked about the McGrath Highway overpass depression study and when that might be completed,” said Heuston.

Mayor Curtatone clarified the “city finances, the CPA, and how it works and what it will be used for, if passed, the plans for the revitalization of Union Square and the Green Line extension timeline,” she said.

Further, whether part of the revitalization of Union Square may include a new central library and the street paving program schedule were put on the table.

Residents inquired about whether trees would be planted on Allen Street and Bowdoin Street.

To receive additional information, interested individuals may contact Denise Taylor, ResiStat Coordinator, at dtaylor@somervillema.gov or at (617) 625-6600, ext. 2103.


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