Coyote seen near Somerville’s Assembly Square walking path

On November 3, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By William Tauro & April Terrio

Somerville Animal Control Officer April Terrio and Rachel Taylor responded to a call regarding a coyote sighting in the Assembly Square area Friday.

When they arrived they observed a coyote perched on a large pile of dirt in a construction zone.

The coyote seemed to be observing the construction work and calmly left the  area when animal control officers walked toward it.

Because coyotes are a protected species in Massachusetts, they cannot be captured, removed or killed unless they are sick or injured. In the event that a coyote must be removed from an area it must be done by the Environmental Police.

Officers Terrio and Taylor remained at the scene for an extended period of time to ensure that the situation was under control.  All parties were advised that they should not approach, corner or harass the coyote in any way to avoid a potential encounter with the animal.

Environmental Police were notified of the coyote’s location.

People are advised to use caution while using the walking path especially while walking small pets.



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