Family dispute lands agitated man in jail

On November 1, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police officers were dispatched to a Temple St. residence last week on a report of a woman’s brother trying to force his way through her front door and that she wanted him to leave.

Officers arrived to find the man in question, Omar Muhammad, 19, pacing back and forth and in an agitated state, according to reports. Police said the Muhammad yelled at officers as they approached him.

Officers were reportedly unsuccessful in their attempts to calm the young man down. Muhammad insisted that what he wanted was to collect his clothing from his sister’s apartment, police said.

Officers escorted Muhammad upstairs to his sister’s apartment and he immediately began pounding on the woman’s door, according to reports. Police said that they saw that the locking mechanism on the door was broken and that someone on the other side was apparently holding it closed by force.

Muhammad was pulled away from the door by officers and was told to calm down or else they would not be able to help him to retrieve his clothing. Muhammad reportedly said, “OK,” but still seemed unable to gain his composure, police said.

Police then began speaking to the woman inside, but Muhammad attempted to brush past police and enter the apartment and also verbally threatened his sister, according to reports.

Police once again forced Muhammad outside of the apartment and he reportedly continued to behave violently and verbally threatening his sister.

At this time the responding officers received a call that a man with a firearm was in the vicinity, so they advised Muhammad to leave the apartment building immediately, according to police. Muhammad reportedly began walking toward Star Market on Broadway as officers left to investigate the other call.

The officers found that the firearm in question was only a paintball gun, so they went back to continue dealing with Muhammad, who was proceeding down Broadway on foot, police said.

After speaking further with Muhammad, officers then interviewed his sister, who was adamant about pressing charges against her brother, according to reports.

Muhammad was then placed under arrest and charged with threat to commit a crime, misdemeanor breaking and entering, destruction of property over $250, and witness intimidation.


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