Happy 91st Birthday Emily Tauro‏

On October 24, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

A 91st birthday party was thrown in honor of Mama Emily Tauro this past Sunday afternoon. All of Emily’s five sons, along with their wives, thirteen grandchildren with their spouses, and eight great grand children, as well as several nephews and nieces, were all in attendance for the joyous event.


3 Responses to “Happy 91st Birthday Emily Tauro‏”

  1. Patrick Mesiti says:

    Great family picture! Congrats Aunt Emily.

  2. Bob mesiti says:

    Love her!!! Really happy that Martha & I were there for her 91st birthday.

  3. Dolly Filosi says:

    Glad that I was invited to mom’s 91st! I think I took a great picture of your family! I was so happy that Emily remembered me! Great time with my brothers! Love to all!

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