Halloween show inspired by Tufts, Red Line

On October 24, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Tim Prasil, author of The Crasher, says he had the above inspiration looking at the fence around the Somerville campus of Tufts University.

Prasil’s story joins two others for PMRP’s annual Halloween show. This year the group put out an open call for story submissions for the first time. It was quite successful, according to Chris DeKalb the Producer of Tomes of Terror: New Arrivals, with scripts coming in from around the country.

“It was very difficult making a decision. We had some great stories” DeKalb said, “including everything from zombies to time-travelling wine cellars. I think our audiences will be happy with the stories we chose.”

The other stories include Shivers on Highway 61 an tribute to 50’s motorcycle gang movies such as The Wild One, only this time they have to deal with a former member returned from the grave. Shivers is the first live performance of The Mask of Inanna web series. DeKalb was quite happy to get this one as The Mask of Inanna had just won the 2012 Parsec Award for Speculative Fiction (Long Form). Shivers was written by Alicia Goranson.

The third story is The Red Line an original tale written by local author Tom Russell. This story tells of the final subway ride on one deeply unfortunate Saturday night. A significant part of the story takes place on the MBTA’s Red Line between Porter and Alewife, making the story “hyper-local” according to DeKalb.

“If we do our job right, you might consider taking a taxi back…” he said.

Tomes of Terror: New Arrivals is the Post-Meridian Radio Player’s seventh annual Halloween show. The group performs live radio dramas. These are stage shows which use the style of the golden age of radio for the performance, including actors with scripts in front of microphones and sound effects being created live.

The next performance will take place Oct. 25-26 at 8pm. On Saturday October 27 there will be both a 2pm matinee and an 8pm evening show. Tickets are $15 with discounts for students and seniors available.

The show will be performed at Unity Church of Somerville, 6 William St. just near Davis Square.
More information about the show is available at http://tomesna.pmrp.org



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