A Question 3 advocate’s response

On October 10, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark
When Mike Cann read about the recent meeting at the Cross Street Senior Center, where the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative – Question 3 – was discussed, in last week’s edition of The Somerville News, he knew that he wanted to respond with his own point of view on the matter.
The initiative, which would allow for the use of medical marijuana in the state, is slated for voter approval or rejection in November.
Cann is especially qualified to present the counterpoint opinion to what was presented at the meeting by principle speaker Cory Mashburn, Director of the Somerville Office of Prevention. As a medical marijuana user himself, Cann has served as President of MassCann/NORML and has sat on its Board for over ten years. In addition, he hosts an independent media show that he hopes will shed light on what he considers to be a very misunderstood subject.
Cann has strong opinions on how the opposition to Question 3 presents its arguments against the initiative. “It seems very one sided,” Cann said. “It seems very stilted towards a predetermined outcome. They’re not really interested in a complete dialog.”
He went on to say that he felt that a number of points brought up at the meeting were flatly untrue. “Like Colorado’s teen use going up. He [Mashburn] didn’t cite a source. I looked it up, and Colorado’s teen use has gone down since medical,” according to Cann. “And that’s from the YRBS, which is the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance system, and that’s from the Center for Disease Control.”
Cann feels that the opponents of medical marijuana are presenting information that is completely opposite to what his own researches have uncovered. “You can talk about the MS [Multiple Sclerosis] Society. Their most recent expert opinions are that cannabinoids do help with neural damage. It helps the patient live a longer life.” He feels as though the medical marijuana opponents deny this sort of thing.
As for pharmaceutical alternatives such as Marinol and Sativex, Cann is convinced that these drugs are not only far less effective in helping patients relieve their symptoms, but in many ways can be detrimental to one’s health and well being. “They talk about how cannabis today is 10 percent THC and how much of a problem that is, but then they start saying that you should just use Marinol and Sativex instead of the cannabis. And when you look at Marinol, it’s 100 percent THC. So, you’re complaining that 10 percent is too much but now you want to give me 100 percent in a pill form?” Cann says that it’s more expensive for the patient and it gets you higher. “It makes people paranoid. It zonks people out.”
Conversely, Cann maintains that cannabis is something natural that’s been bred for thousands of years as medicine. “This is the first medicine. It’s always been the best medicine,” says Cann. “I don’t even like to call it medicine. That’s only one part of it. It’s really an herb. It can be food, it can be fiber, it has all these other uses.”
Ultimately, Cann asks, “Why do you want to take something that is just a plant that helps people and give it to us in a pill form that’s ten times stronger for ten times the amount of money – money that goes to these corporations that are pushing these other drugs like oxycontin?”
Cann goes on to state that much of what he sees as misinformation being fed to the public is due to the fact that opponents of medical marijuana tend to “cherry pick” their facts, often citing outdated studies and reports that tend to skew the debate in their direction. “A lot of this is politics and I feel that a lot of what they’re saying is just not truthful.”
The reasons for this disconnection from the truth, as Cann sees it, partially involves fear: “I gotta think that somebody like Cory [Mashburn], who lives in Somerville, he obviously works in Somerville, I believe he really thinks these things are true, unfortunately. And maybe that’s it. They believe it so much they want to prove it.”
Cann also wonders if some in the opposition are just looking for jobs. “They need to ramp this back up. They’re losing their drug war. Every single state is now looking at medical marijuana,” according to Cann. “We’re looking at 62 percent support for legalization, full legalization in Massachusetts. That’s more popular than Obama. That’s more popular than Mitt Romney.”
“They’re grasping at straws,” says Cann of the initiative’s opposition. “We’re going to win on this. People know. Their life experiences have taught them.” Needless to say, he feels completely confident that the initiative will pass.

Mike Cann is co-host of and produces a weekly live streaming show at UnRegularradio.com. He also has his own YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/mikecann.


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  1. Shannon says:

    I think the Somerville News should really think about what they print. As a Somerville resident I am disgusted that the Somerville News thinks this guy is a QUALIFIED counterpoint to this. There are other counterpoints out there but this guy is not one of them because he is as you say “Medical Marijuana” user himself. There is no such thing as Medical Marijuana. He just smokes weed. The Somerville News should also check the youtube site that they put their articles, where this guy Mike Cann is yelling at people and being really rude to people on the air. Yeah, really a qualified counterpoint.

    In last weeks article it said: “Finally, Mashburn reported that in Colorado teen use of marijuana in one of the state’s largest counties has increased from 19% to 30% since its legalization for medical purposes.” So Mashburn was just talking about one county in Colorado not the whole state and he did have a source because I was at the presentation and heard it from his mouth and the source was the “Adams County Youth Initiative, 2011.”

    Its funny that Mr. Cann or Jim Clark the author did not talk about what the bill or legislation will do to the state of MA.

    – 35 pots shops in the state

    – anyone 21-years or older can sell marijuana as long as they don’t have a felony conviction with no requirement for special training or even a high school diploma, and anyone 21 years or older can grow marijuana, even if they have a felony record.

    – People can have up to a 60 day supply of marijuana on their person to be walking or in the car.

    – Anyone can grow it in their homes

    – And lets frank about this this is not just for people that are sick and dying. If you read the legislation is says ““other conditions as determined in writing by a qualifying patient’s physician.” What the hell does that mean? That means there is no age limit and that any illness can be determined by a doctor for the right price.

    So again like I said a creditable source because he smokes weed. Come on Somerville…..

    The City of Somerville should be ashamed of misinformation like this.

  2. GottaBeKidding says:

    This article is hilarious. It’s considered “NEWS”!?1? Are you kidding? It is one pothead’s opinion not based on science. SHAME ON THE SOMERVILLE “NEWS” for publishing this drivel.

  3. SickOf Bullies says:

    Shame on Somerville News? for providing an alternative view on the issue by a concerned, and yes, qualified citizen? Cann said he’s been working NORML for over ten years. Yes i’d say he’s qualified. What are you? Shame on you for putting out the same phoney biased info as usual and personally attacking evreyone concerned who won’t fall in line with your thinking. You disgust me.

  4. AlanMeyers says:

    So the rats are still at it. Sad.
    No, the Somerville News is actually to be commended for providing a voice to express a counter argument to the obvious lies and propaganda being spouted by the question 3 oponents.
    Repeating the same old lies will not change intelligent people’s minds.
    Insulting people does not discredit them.
    Being a liar discredits the liar.
    Back off and let the people have their say.
    Good job Somerville News

  5. Shannon says:

    @ SickofBullies….Which one of these statements are a lie?

    35 pots shops in the state

    – anyone 21-years or older can sell marijuana as long as they don’t have a felony conviction with no requirement for special training or even a high school diploma, and anyone 21 years or older can grow marijuana, even if they have a felony record.

    – People can have up to a 60 day supply of marijuana on their person to be walking or in the car.

    – Anyone can grow it in their homes

    – And lets frank about this this is not just for people that are sick and dying. If you read the legislation is says ““other conditions as determined in writing by a qualifying patient’s physician.” What the hell does that mean? That means there is no age limit and that any illness can be determined by a doctor for the right price.

    Those are all facts from the legislation.

  6. Mike Cann says:

    “He just smokes weed. The Somerville News should also check the youtube site that they put their articles, where this guy Mike Cann is yelling at people and being really rude to people on the air.”

    So you’ve seen my medical records? Talked to my Doctor? Have you? You’ve run your hand down the back of my spine and felt the bulging discs? Yelling at people and being rude to people on the air? Where and when? Never had one complaint, while I’ve been doing my show for almost two years now. More lies. Loving it. Proving my point. I’m a Libertarian Ron Paul supporter who often has Democrats, elected officials on my show. They don’t complain and love what we doing. Past and regular guests on our show? Congressman Barney Frank, Maine State Rep. Diane Russell, Governor Gary Johnson, Judge Jim Gray, MA Senator Rosenberg, I could go on. Our show has respect from politicians, from activists, from our listeners, many who do not always agree with my viewpoints. Why? Because I show respect. Something the opponents of this Question 3 have never shown me or medical patients in MA. Your post is all the evidence I need of this.. Thank you!

  7. Associations Against says:

    Most professional medical associations maintain that marijuana is not a medicine at all and that it should not be administered to patients. Among groups that have taken formal stances against “medical marijuana” are the American Medical Association, the British Medical Association, the American Glaucoma Society, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies and the American Cancer Society.

  8. Marcus says:

    @ AlanMyers…..So how are the opponents lying. I read that on this article and the other article on medical marijuana. But no one ever states any facts around what people are lying about.

    So I discredit the following statement from your comment.

    Repeating the same old lies will not change intelligent people’s minds.
    Insulting people does not discredit them.
    Being a liar discredits the liar.

    When you say that people are lying please tell how they are lying and please state some facts…I did not see many facts at in this article at all.

  9. Cindy says:

    Police officers have already seen an increase in marijuana use by adolescents and motorists as a result of the decriminalization of marijuana. The passage of a law making it appear that marijuana has medicinal properties would further mislead the public and lead to increased use.

    Question 3 would permit people with marijuana cards to possess and carry a two month supply of marijuana, an amount that would in almost all circumstances support a criminal charge of possessing with the intent to distribute.

    Most states with “medical marijuana” laws have experienced increases in crime in the neighborhoods where dispensaries are located as criminals target them for break-ins and their customers for robberies.

  10. Sandy G. says:

    Marijuana is a carcinogenic street drug; it is not medicine. Growing it or dispensing it violates federal law, regardless of what Massachusetts voters may approve. As has been the case in other states that have passed similar measures, the passage of Question 3 would lead to an increase in crime, particularly near dispensaries, an increase in the availability of the drug on the street, and the diversion of marijuana to adolescents.

  11. Nick S. says:

    This article is a travesty. Looked on the guys youtube pages and they are a joke. All you do is yell and scream at people. What a great role model you are Mike Cann. You should be so proud to be a pot smoker. I dont care if you were the President of MASS CANN because you see one side and do not want to see the other side at all. You are hopeless. And as a resident of Somerville I am disgusted the Somerville News thought were a worthy person to get accurate information. I did not see any facts or figures in the article. Just this Mike Cann guy mouthing off and just complianing because someone does not think the way he does.

  12. freedom says:


    YOU SAID: “there’s no such thing as Medical Marijuana. He just smokes weed.”

    That makes you ignorant. Do you know if he’s sick or not? Do you know anything about medicinal cannabis consumers?

    Why don’t you talk to a rape victim who has undergone thorough therapy and can only fall sleep at night after consuming cannabis indica, because prescription sleep aids make her sick and other herbs don’t work.

    Is a rape victim who can’t sleep at night sick and dying? No. Do they deserve a natural remedy that actually WORKS for them and helps them sleep? Yes.

    Is a soldier with PTSD sick and dying? No. Do they deserve the freedom of choice that they’ve been fighting for on our behalf? The freedom to choose an herb that won’t destroy their liver? Yes.

    Patients would only be allowed to grow it at home under very specific hardship cases.

    Many states have done what MA is trying to do, and at about 60% approval rating, it’s CLEARLY what the people want.

    You should probably look into moving to another state.

  13. August says:

    @Shannon, would you be willing to talk with me about your experience at the meeting and your thoughts on the matter? I’m a student writing on the topic for an article. My email is : august9647@gmail.com. I’d really appreciate it.

  14. Theodoric Hochwasser says:

    How many shops in this state sell Percoset / Vicodin / Oxycontin? More than 35, I bet — and those pills are *highly addictive* and they *kill people* — but they are prescribed for pain.

    I was prescribed both Percoset, and then Vicodin, first for a severely pinched nerve, and later, after being run down by a woman in an SUV, for a broken collarbone. In the first case, I took the Percs for about a week, living in utter agony, until a friend suggested I smoke pot, while after the second injury, I simply refused opiate painkillers, and took my chances on the black market *because I felt better*. My tolerance of pain increased, and my ability to function was restored. Contrast this with opiates, which made me so dizzy I couldn’t make lunch without help. Cannabis was safer, and it *worked* — opiates just made me sicker.

    Overprescribing is a problem, it’s true. When my parents died, I threw out bottle after bottle of pills they’d been put on — I had no idea, and it was *shocking* the painkillers they’d been fed routinely. Frankly, given the way that Big Pharma’s pills are handed out like candy, I’d rather physicians overprescribe something that *can’t kill you*.

    And as for Mike Cann’s right to speak on this topic: what country did you grow up in? Like me, he describes his personal experience with cannabis, and he has the right to do this, whether or not you think so. I understand if your friends in the Taliban might disagree, but as we say in the USA — TOUGH SHIT. He, and I, don’t need your permission to speak.

  15. freedom says:

    In addition, the amount of money you’d have to give in order to bribe a doctor to risk his medical license is exponentially higher than any amount you’d ever have to pay to get it on the street or from a friend, so that doesn’t make sense.

    “Qualifying Patient’s physician”–what makes you think that that means there’s no age limit?! Any doctor who DOES prescribe it to a person under 18 is automatically going to be watched more closely.

    What you wrote is not 100% fact. Those are the “facts as interpreted by Shannon.”

  16. Hey Shannon,,,you may not know me,,or of me,,,but let me explain to you who and what i am. I am a former resident of the state of Massachusetts. I moved to the state of Maine because of their medical marijuana laws and programs. I was diagnosed with moderate to severe degenerative disk disease throughout most of my spine. That is only the main issue I have,,,it causes many side issues such as chronic pain and muscle spasms as well as chronic migraine headaches and nausea that would make lessor people wish for death! I use what you like to portray as the devil’s weed in place of the morphine sulphate contin, percocet, flexeril, emetrex, and many other synthetic pharmaceutical nightmares that they call medicine and try to force down my throat on a daily and hourly basis. It’s more suitable to take those meds, be incapacitated by their use,,and possibly cause myself further harm and complications from their use because of side effects and addictions caused by them,,,yet it is totally unacceptable in your books that I use a natural herb that has no ill effects based solely on the basis that you feel it is wrong. I ask you why you feel, if a child is ok to take the same pills I mentioned earlier but yet it is not ok for that same child to use a natural substance,,,regardless of age,,,those pills and more get prescribed on a daily basis to our youth, yet you feel it is unacceptable for them to utilize cannabis? What gives? Why do you feel it is your responsibility to stand in the way of someone obtaining medicine that works for them that isn’t harmful and full of side effects? I do believe I understand,,,it’s because you are a sheep,,,and the federal govt. has told you that marijuana use is bad for you,,,well,,,do a little research into why it is illegal in the first place and you may not choose to carry on with your quest. And one more personal note,,,everyone,,,including the general press media,,,including you my dear Shannon wishes to get their names and faces in the fray and gain popularity from being a “PotStar”!! My advice to you is to give it up,,,or to educate yourself more fully before you open your mouth and letter gutterwash come forth!

  17. Shannon says:

    Marijuana use by youth is increasing.

    The 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, released on September 24, 2012 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), showed a continued increase in marijuana use rates among youth and adults. For example, the percentage of those 12 or older who were current users of marijuana jumped from 6.9 percent (or 17.4 million) in 2010 to 7 percent (or 18.1 million) in 2011, continuing the upward trend seen over the past few years.

    Among youth aged 12 to 17, current marijuana use rose from 7.4 percent in 2010 to 7.9 percent in 2011.

    That’s why Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) is calling for greater funding for substance abuse prevention programs, particularly programs that have effectively reduced youth alcohol, tobacco and drug use, such as the Drug Free Communities Program.


  18. Chandra Batra says:

    I commend Mike Cann for going out and expressing his opinion on this issuse. There are many people both young and old who will and are benefiting from medical marijuana.These patients are both very young and very old and from all economic and racial backgrounds.. Many of these patients have had to fight for a voice in their own healthcare and for the right to merely live another day. Patients with Multiple Scelorsis who were told that they should just “give up” are walking because of medical marijuana ;while parents of young cancer patients are being told to “just bring your child home and let them die”are seeing these children flourish and thrive because of one of nature’s oldest and safest plants. Medical marijuana is not just about “letting some potheads smoke pot in peace”.Medical marijuana is about letting the truly sick,disabled and dying live with a shred of hope and dignity. As someone who has had a pain disorder since I was 19;medical marijuana is about letting a person like me live a “real life”-one not plauged by pain and infirmaty.This is why I am begging all of you to vote Yes on Question3-because ultimately the very person you may be helping is yourself.In the end,no one knows when they will get a cancer diagnosis or come down with a severe illness or get injured; so wouldn’t be nice to know that a medicine that humanity has relied for over 2,000 years is there to help?A medicine that is nontoxic,anti-inflamatory,anti-microbial and has been shown to help your immune system!In the end, everyone deserves choices and a voice in their own healthcare.Medical marijuana is just another safe and effective choice.

  19. massvocals says:

    Cory [Mashburn], and people like this Heidi, who represent the opinion of NO too question 3 , He and she are one her being on Boston public radio today on debate and here in new paper . What i read and hear form these people are all propaganda government based lies . Over and over they tell ya its addicting IT is not they tell ya its damaging and who the children ? ( thinking presently under the drug war which is not affective , 90 years or better , and both are skill in debate and form of pushing such information they spew once said ahh the damage done ,they control the subject matter to undo such lies one spend all the opponents time which is limited and control of the issue / frankly is no debate The drug war and these people I hate them they are the problem and not the solution they are paid and work in the drug war prevention employment driven by the courts , They cause the division in the public between our government and US the public as too getting high with this safe substains and its like wine we serve ourselves if we legalize under regulation presently its a crime which is foolish these people are nothing more then rats in bed bound by the employment complex grown form the prohibition of cannabis . like jails and courts and police and grant money , and forfeiture , and agency to agency like the DEA . lets put the other d in the insignia DEA[D DEAD we need to end the war on this plant and free our legal system as its web with endless ties of controls and restriction in law . WE need to have freedom and used this plant for all the uses and we need to shut down those magic traps of mind control the government supports to further its lie I mean if you state the lies over and over and have laws that support the lies and refuse to test do to the lies well it must be the truth anyone en-snail by this trap I personally feel sorry for . but these two are criminal they are the real criminals who want to feather there own cap and seek a continue effort to stop all by any-means .
    I like too war with them as living on the earth with such persons is drag I like them dead like the DEA

  20. LauraC says:

    Thank you SomervilleNews for giving equal coverage to both sides. You did the right thing. A courageous thing, in the face of all this intolerance and hostility. And thank you Mike for bring the facts to light. This article is full of well researched facts as most of us know. God bless you.

  21. j. connelly says:

    There is nothing worse than back pain. Everyones metabolism is different. You can give two people an identical diet and one will loose more than the other. I have relatives with bad backs, one was successfuly operated on, the others, even with Rx still suffer severe pain.

    After seeing the mess caused by that MA pharmacy, (which according to NBC violated what they were allowed to do. Which was “mix” medicines, when in effect this company was illegally “manfacturing” medicines. It make you really wonder about natural medicines verses manufactured.

  22. @Shannon,,,the issue here is purely that you put far too much trust and belief in the propaganda that the government spins and force feeds to you sheep as fodder!! Wake up and smell the coffee before you too need this as a medicine and can’t get it because you were too blinded too see straight and actually fought against it!!

  23. Nichole says:

    Thank you Mr. Cann for bringing up all of my favorite points in this interview.

    I am a medicinal user and I advocate for a patient’s right to choose. My husband’s right to choose especially.

    So many members of my family and friends have fallen ill to conventional medication. Opiates, Vicodin, Oxtcontin, will make you sick. Regular users of these medications complain daily about the fear of taking their medication at the wrong time and becoming sick and nauseous. What good is a pain medication if you spend the hours after you take it hunched over a toilet? What kind of life is that?

    My husband is not the only patient I have advocated for, but he is the youngest. He has taught me so much about children suffering while trying to manage a progressive neurodegenerative disorder called Neurofibromatosis. It’s a very heavy burden for him to wake up knowing the pain will be there. With cannabis he can control the dose and adjust his doses to how much pain relief he needs at that moment. Sativex and Marinol come in one size only. There is no more or less. There is only high or not high.
    After years of being prescribed opiates over and over for surgeries during his childhood on his leg, my 23 year old husband would rather cope with the pain than suffer the sickness that comes after taking one vicodin.

    Two weeks after his most recent surgery to remove a rare cyst from his heel bone, he and I spent an entire day in the living room waiting for relief. All he wanted to do was eat. He reminded me every few minutes of how hungry he was and how his headache that resulted from not eating was faring. Finally at 10:30pm on a Sunday night it only took one puff and he was relieved. I spent the next half hour in the kitchen cooking rice, soup, hot pockets, and brewing tea. The color returned to his face and he cheerfully smiled as more small meals appeared in front of him. He reminded me to go to bed since I had work the next day. I did not care. He needed me and I was happy to cook for him.

    I understand the fear of children becoming more acclimated to people using cannabis as medicine, but you must also understand the children of Massachusetts will be less vulnerable to being sold cannabis, selling cannabis, or using cannabis the wrong way, because it will be behind a counter and managed by a dispensary.

    The people of the “No on Question 3” Campaign are attempting to steal a chance to survive away from patients. How dare they?

  24. Rich Fu says:

    I would expect an adult to be able to sift through propaganda in order to show their human nature, however one can clearly see by reading this that many just wait for another to tell them a so called fact and then spew it out as fact. Of course a few people here have read the bill and think its a great idea to twist it for their own agenda. The idea here is this, cannabis is medicine and the same government that funded studies to say it isnt is the same government that has been prescribing it. Also many studies are coming to light showing it can set of a process in cancerous cells in which the cancer eats itself even down to being able to kill MRSA. What you think is of no importance, simply because when one is dealing with extreme pain and severe ailments that take away a huge chunk of quality of life then your OPINIONS mean nothing, but yet you are willing to tell a guy in a wheelchair he doesnt deserve relief, you are willing to tell a chemo patient to f-off and he doesnt need to eat because someone told you it makes them a nazi criminal.
    I happen to be a smoker, and I have beaten odds in my life time and time again. I was diagnosed with severe PTSD at age 13 and was extremely violent when angered. I pushed through all of this by utilizing cannabis as a medicine and I was incredibly successful. I now suffer from being hit by a driver that was negligent, lost my career and lost my health….I will never be the same again, I will never be climbing a ladder again because I am a liability. For anyone to say that because I take medical cannabis that I have no mind, heart or soul is by far an assessment out of hate from a blackened heart that cares not for reality but only for the ego of self.
    Many will use cannabis and make bad decisions, just as people that are incredibly intelligent can use cannabis and stil be what they are, the idea is I can clearly see how many are willing to blame a plant for what someone they know did that was stupid. Its like blaming the house and trees for what a tornado does and yet you feel as if its proper?
    Crime and cannabis have only become an issue once we made it an issue, in essence by sitting and judging on something you obviously know nothing about you are the ones who made the issue. Cannabis has been in use longer than our written history as a medicine for things even such as headaches.
    If you care not for your fellow brothers and sisters in this world, if you care not for the person that just wants to lift their pain enough to enjoy the sun for a day then back off from the rest of civilization because many of us do care about the people next to us, and will stand for them as much as we have to while others such as many here are more willing to just point a finger and just cause more problems.
    It disgusts me that many of you feel that because a person uses cannabis that they should have their dogs executed in front of the family in cold blood and then you call the cannabis the problem when it should be obvious its your OPINIONS that created this problem.
    Perhaps try spending time educating how the sub conscious mind works, cause the sad thing is you have all had one for your entire lives yet you obviously know not how to use it.
    I am sure someone will point out improper grammar or something else that has nothing to do with the actual point, and I am sure that many will sit and judge and even make their own facts such as I shouldnt have been drinking and driving, that one is my favorite because I dont drink at all and have heard it before.
    It sickens me to know that many here think that a purple dancing dinosaur on TV holds more truth than actually taking the time to know the ones they condemn. Take a good look at the people on the MPAA, they are people and they are good people… not one of them belongs in jail for anything yet many of you here will gladly put them in prison, in essence you create the problem….not them. When someone speaks as to how something helps them be able to move, or even feel their humanity again and this is what you have to say to them….then perhaps you have enough to look at your own soul and judge, because its many times uglier and any so called pothead I know.

  25. Rich Fu says:

    Also keep in mind that people like Mike Cann stand up, whether you agree with them or not the fact is they see something wrong and even if it doesnt effect them they try to stand and speak for another, they will take that time and effort for another….and without getting anything in return, may I ask how many of you do such a thing? my guess is not many because you find ways to condemn a homeless man, you find justifications as to why they deserve it instead of thinking of a way to help. This kind of thought process carries through your entire lives, thus I imagine not one of you can even claim you volunteered to help another in this world without getting something in return. You only speak when it can take away from another, not when it comes down to giving….and the answer as to why is very self evident to anyone that has a degree in psychology by reading your comments.

  26. Find out what’s happening in other states that have legalized marijuana as medicine on our web site: mavoteNOonquestion3.com
    As people learn the details they overwhelming move to NO on question 3. The wind is changing on this issue because as compassionate as we all are for those like Mike Cann who are in pain and use marijuana for relief, people do NOT want pot stores and the crime, violence, increased recreational pot use, youth addiction and community decay that they breed. Question 3 is not the law to put in place to serve Mike Cann’s need. There’s a better, more responsible way that doesn’t throw our children, communities and physicians under the bus. And we can figure it out. We don’t need to repeat the mess that California, Colorado, Oregon and other states are in.

  27. Rich Fu says:

    this bill is about not kicking someone when they are already sick, its about letting people who are ill to have some sort of relief without causing a ton of other issues, this issue is about not telling a cancer patient that society is safer with him in jail because others cant handle him using cannabis because it offends them that he has relief. Thats what this bill is about, nothing more and nothing less. If people want to go for legalization later then so be it…but dont be a fool and muddle the two up now.
    PS Look up DCA and then tell me you can trust your FDA and Pharma’s, they literally stated they wouldnt test a very successful cancer cure because it wouldnt make them profits fast enough….there is your purple dancing dinosaur giving you the “facts”, but my guess is when your loved one gets cancer and is either slowly dying or cant eat due to chemo that you only then find the facts….for now you will just assume what you want from anyone who beliefs coincide to what your ego wants. Before I go please realize this, your ego is imaginary…you create it and you built it, anothers pain and sickness is not….whether you believe it or not its very real to them. To say anything less shows a complete out of touch heart, mind and soul. TO say that because one used cannabis and made bad decisions that they are by no means at fault….its the fault of a plant will just go to show why our society is the way it is. While others are trying to learn responsibility and accountability there is another group that wants to blame a plant for what a human does, they want to blame a gun for the human that pulls the trigger, they want to blame budweiser because their uncle was an alcoholic….do you see the pattern? I do…and we have a society of people that even call addiction a disease thus relieving all responsibility and accountability from the hand that made the decisions. Again….blaming the houses and trees for what a tornado does, please explain how that has made our society so much better because I would love to hear it.

  28. Paul says:

    I can not believe the ignorance of people who are opposed to Marijuana at all.

    If “saving the children” is your war cry, why is Sommerville, and the whole state of Massachusetts, heck, the entire United States not against selling alcohol and tobacco?

    I am sure more teens have gotten drunk than smoked pot.

    If they did smoke pot, I would argue they tried alcohol first, so what is the true gateway drug?

    How many kid’s are prescribed legal speed (Adderall) that is highly addictive and quite deadly.

    But hey,,, That drug IS legal and parents don’t seem to mind it.

    The ONLY people who are against Marijuana are those who fear a lose of their job OR loss of grant money.

    Law enforcement does not want to loose the goose.that lays the golden grants.

    Better to jail than treat a person who suffers from addiction.

    Imagine money spent on addiction recovery as opposed to a new swat tank?

  29. Paul says:

    According to an assessment recently published in the British Columbia Mental Health and Addictions Journal, health-related costs for alcohol consumers are eight times greater than those for marijuana consumers, and those for tobacco consumers are are 40 times greater than those for marijuana consumers. Our campaign has compiled a great deal of evidence regarding the relative harms of marijuana and alcohol at http://www.marijuana-vs-alcohol.org.

    There has never been a fatal marijuana overdose in history, and there is no clear-cut case of a death attributed to marijuana use. Thus, it comes as little surprise that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which track all causes of death in the United States, does not even have a category for marijuana use. It does, however, attribute upwards of 40,000 deaths per year to alcohol use, including hundreds of acute overdoses.

  30. griffy6 says:

    This guy has no medical background so he should not try to explain how medicine works. He keeps talking about 100% THC in Marinol vs. 5% THC in “the leaf”. But Marinol has a specific mg dosage. That dosage has been researched, measured and verified to give a patient less THC than smoking a full joint. Plus Marinol’s dose can be manipulated up or down by a physician by prescribing one pill twice a day or two pills three times a day. How do you do that with pot? A doctor can not be asking what THC level is in the joints you have in your stash!

  31. Lisa B says:

    Mike Cann is a respectable activist that I have gained a lot of knowledge from because of his passion to legalize marijuana.If you do your homework, you would know that Mike Cann has spent countless hours fighting for what he believes in.Mike Cann didn’t write the bill for Medical Marijuana that was rejected in the State House and has now become an initiative for the people to vote upon.He’s trying to educate people and make a difference in Massachusetts.Marijuana is a Medicine to millions of people in this world.We should be able to choose what medicine is right for us without feeling like criminals.I used Marijuana as a gateway away from Oxycontin,Percocet,Xanax,sleeping pills,antidepressants, all of them prescribed at the same time,and cigarettes.Marijuana replaced them all. I am in pain all the time, it never goes away, but my choice is to medicate a few times a day with marijuana opposed to the hand full of pills I was prescribed.Marijuana makes life a bit more tolerable for many and we shouldn’t be denied that choice.Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
    Shannon I’d like to know what qualifies you to judge Mike Cann?

  32. Harry says:

    Let’s see people with “back pain” start with weed…. then they move to the OXYs…then they move to heroin. Then they die. Darwinism at work. I’m good with it as we do need to thin the herd.

    Legalize all drugs. Morons want to do drugs (and weed is a drug) – let them and then just tax them. Maybe we can cut our property tax…. oh wait…. this is Joey “tickets” Curtatone’s town now…. nevermind.

  33. Dave says:

    @ freedom…You said

    “Qualifying Patient’s physician”–what makes you think that that means there’s no age limit?! Any doctor who DOES prescribe it to a person under 18 is automatically going to be watched more closely.”

    No doctor can prescribe marijuana. It is a Schedule 1 drug. They have to recommend it. And yes in other states kids under the age of 18 are getting recommendations for such things as ADHD and hang nails. Marijuana can not be regulated the way the bill is saying. Marijuana has not dosage so it can not be regulated like prescription drugs can.

  34. Christine says:

    @ Theodoric Hochwasser

    Doctors cant prescribe marijuana. It is a schedule 1 drug. And as for other prescription drugs; those are sold at pharmacies with a prescription from a doctor that has a dosage and how you are supposed to take it. I agree that people die from prescription drug abuse and I hate that but if they take as prescribed there would be no problem. I just think this bill could be written better and regulated better.

    I dont know how you would regulate a drug that has not dosage or approval from DPH or FDA. Just a tough situation. I think patients should get the meds that they need but not at this cost. I just think the legislation could be better written.

  35. Mike Cann says:

    Shannon, where am I yelling and rude to people on the air? Show me.

    And here’s two videos with politicians who I don’t agree with discussing this very subject. Do I get rude? No. Why not? Because they have something No On Question 3 has not shown. Respect for a viewpoint that is not their own. As do I. What I don’t put up with? Lies and personal attacks.

    If you want people to give respect to your campaign, give it in return.



  36. John says:

    @Shannon You’re calling for attention towards the rise in marijuana use among the children in our country? I am sorry but I would rather have kids smoking weed than drinking and blowing percs. I don’t know if you’re 50 or older but I was born 90’s and marijuana is not the problem but prescription pills are more accessible than ever and are being abused far more than any drug including Marijuana. We need to reschedule the controlled substances act, how is Marijuana a schedule I drug with likes of Cocaine, Heroine, and LSD? The lies behind Marijuana in America needs to stop and with these efforts of medicalization is a great step forward.

  37. Mike Cann says:

    No on Question 3 campaign attacking who on here? Medical patients and myself? “Medical Marijuana” in quotation marks. Who does that? NO ON QUESTION 3 does that. Repeatedly, let it be known who you really are there anonymous posters “from Somerville”….not really from Somerville?



    Thanks for my next video, Shannon.

  38. Jim Miller says:

    Associations Against says…” Among groups that have taken formal stances against “medical marijuana” are… the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies…” Really? Besides getting the name wrong…this from the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation.

    “evidence is accumulating that cannabinoid drugs may be useful in at least a subset of patients, and at least as an adjuvant therapy. Even where cannabinoids have failed to reduce spasticity according to the Ashworth scale, it has been pointed out that many commonly used anti-spasticity drugs have also failed to generate statistically significant results according to this scale”.

    .”However, in a 12-month follow-up study involving 630 patients, delta-9-THC was shown to have a small but significant effect. Nonetheless, in both studies the patients reported a subjective improvement in spasticity”. The following link is where my above comment came from also. http://www.msif.org/en/resources/msif_resources/msif_publications/ms_in_focus/issue_12_spasticity_in_ms/cannabinoids_and.html

    “Experimental pharmacological studies support the hypothesis that cannabinoid chemicals within cannabis, such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), exert muscle relaxant effects”. http://www.msif.org/en/resources/msif_resources/msif_publications/ms_in_focus/issue_12_spasticity_in_ms/cannabinoids_and.html

    “Pain is a significant feature of MS. Animal studies show that CBR are important in pain control. Several trials have confirmed that cannabis-based treatments alleviate MS-related neuropathic pain. Surveys of people with MS who smoke cannabis often report improved muscle stiffness (spasticity)”. http://www.msif.org/en/resources/msif_resources/msif_publications/ms_in_focus/issue_15_complementary_and_alternative_therapies/cannabis_and_ms.html

  39. Mathis Erickson says:


    Give it up. You can hide behind the anonymity of the internet all you want, but Mike Cann is a good person. He puts his reputation out on the line for a just cause. And I say reputation because of fear mongering, haters like yourself. He has both firsthand experience, and a track record for this that is enviable as far as activism goes. Your statistics on increased NATIONAL cannabis consumption are likely true yes. What’s your point though? There is no correlation with medical use and the increased use in youth. The Netherlands, and Portugal are great examples of what happens under drug deregulation. Usage rates go DOWN, violent crimes GO DOWN. Do yourself a favor exit the argument, and return once you have done some research. Otherwise Mike Cann, and “Unqualified” activists like him will dance circles around you. If you are going to pick an argument with these people at least do some research (on both sides) and take the time to see that there are in fact medical usages for Cannabis Ruderalis, Sativa, and Indica. If you still feel that you actually know what you’re talking about I am sure he would be happy to debate you on his “unqualified” radio show.

  40. Jim Miller says:

    But wait…there’s more from the Multiple Sclerosos International Federation

    Animal studies show that CB1R activation is central to this. The Cannabinoids in Multiple Sclerosis study recruited more than 600 subjects for 15 weeks and confirmed improvements in selfreported spasticity and pain. A significant reduction in clinical spasticity occurred after 12 months of treatment”. http://www.msif.org/en/resources

    I like this one best….”Current evidence supports CB treatment of MS-related pain, spasticity and bladder disturbance. Perhaps one of the most exciting areas of research is in establishing whether CB can slow the actual disease course of progressive MS. Overall, the future is bright for these naturallyoccurring molecules, which have been used in medicine since antiquity”. http://www.msif.org/en/resources/msif_resources/msif_publications/ms_in_focus/issue_15_complementary_and_alternative_therapies/cannabis_and_ms.html

    “Studies of an orally administered form of cannabis have shown beneficial effects on multiple MS symptoms, including pain, spasticity, and sleeping difficulties… Contrary to what one might expect, one study found that cannabinoids actually produced immune-stimulating effect”. http://www.msif.org/en/resources/msif_resources/msif_publications/ms_the_guide_to_treatment_and_management/unconventional_therapies_and_ms/unconventional_therapies_relevant_to_ms/cannabis_mariju.html

    So…”Associations Against” says in comments to the Somerville News article “Among groups that have taken formal stances against “medical marijuana” are…the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies…” From the above citations I would guess he hasn’t really done his homework. This shows why they attempt to attack the messenger rather than the message.

  41. Chris says:

    Dont bother wasting your time arguing with prohibitionists…..they are locked into a no on3 vote…….they are just classic control freaks….to them its not about facts science or suffering its about their want need and desire to control others and make decissions for others…..

    Who do you think you are wanting MMJ? We the prohibitionists will tell you vicodine percocet marinol and sativx and oxycontin are much better alternatives than a cup cake or a brownie

  42. Sparket says:

    Can medical marijuana help you? Check out thousands of studies compiled by Granny Storm Crow, her list http://www.letfreedomgrow.com/cmu/GrannysListJan2012.pdf The American Medical Association on cannabis “(AMA) voted today to reverse its long-held position that marijuana be retained as a Schedule I substance with no medical” valuehttp://www.safeaccessnow.org/article.php?id=5838 The Brown University study on youth usage after medical marijuana in Rhode Island “Our study did not find increases in adolescent marijuana use related to Rhode Island’s 2006 legalization of medical marijuana,” http://norml.org/news/2011/11/10/medical-marijuana-legalization-not-associated-with-increases-in-youth-pot-use-study-says Parental concerns, talk to your kids about cannabis http://www.momsformarijuana.com/ Thank you Mike for all your hard work in educating the public on the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

  43. hey,,,all you nay-sayers should watch this video regarding children using medicinal cannabis: http://www.salem-news.com/articles/october102012/marijuana-boy.php

  44. MassVocals says:

    fact the only crime is one grated , Mala prohibita LAWS which are not by the majority vote of the people in fact no drug law is No no , no the acquisition is undertaken by men and women seeking necessary power .now… this being said , The people who defend this outrageous law do so not to protect and the intended laws state No its all about control as the use of this plant is harmless com-paired to any legal product . and the victims have every right to act belligerently as instructed by the SJC see ; Johnson vs united states when defending the constitutional rights of yourselves. You must even come to be belligerently in your acts , these people who attack and personalizes the issue fall short in there intentions marijuana / Cannabis should in fact be legal like tomatoes . It is herb all this contentment and lies which have cause injury to the sovereign and made a police state is the real crime . people of Massachusetts have a chance to begin the end of prohibition the end of police grants that effect power of arrest the end of jailing people for use and the end of the division of the public I see a resolved in the vote on question 3 being a yes vote, will come too bring down the cash cow for the authorities it will provide the peace and original intent and purpose for the plant it self , Cannabis uses are far in number . Cannabis is safe people are doing this everyday despite the depute in law and the government is making a hugh profit by arrest , The night mare of law will not be over however . The federal government thinks it can operate within the state and trying to get the congress to act will be a nightmare , which is a more or less bigger problem as you can see the government does not work for the people its movement works only for power and money The government never give up much of ether once set up in statues of stone the government will have to be sued . permission form said will have to be granted and even then the contrast will be big expense nothing can be simple in regard to this conduct What we really need is a revolution … outside of the two party system that benefits no one and causes great injury to freedom and everyone rights under this republic , no one has the right to refuse anyone originally -intended life liberty and pursuit of happiness even it that means is smoking eating consuming cannabis The drug war is a disaster in law and in the streets please vote YES for question 3

  45. Nichole says:

    Absolutely none of the people with the “No on Question 3 Campaign” have been sentenced to life on opiates or regularly anticipated surgery to maintain their body parts.

    It’s almost like asking a man to legislate a woman’s organ. They wouldn’t know, so why are we asking them?

  46. JohnnyNapalmMasses says:

    All of you that down talk medical marijuana will have a different opinion when a close friend or child becomes dependent on opiate narcotics. A socially acceptable drug was prescribed to them or peddled by some dope man. Then they turn to heroin to feel “not sick” because the percocets, vicodin or oxycontin the doctor was handing out like candy was revoked or was to expensive to buy with the health insurance would not cover it. Shoots up or pops too many legal prescription drugs and dies young. All of this could have been avoided if medical marijuana was legalized instead death causing socially acceptable pharmaceutical narcotics that cause more grief than this natural organic green plant ever does. Mike Cann your great don’t let anyone bring you down especially these uneducated ignorant citizens.

  47. Brian says:

    These articles on medical marijuana are great and all but what information is the truth? People are fighting and just complaining. It is very confusing and not very productive. Very disappointed in the coverage of both sides of question 3 in the Somerville News.

  48. Ogden says:

    I think thats a little unfair Brian. The Somerville News is a relatively small paper. Yet they have devoted a good amount of space to the isuue lately. The details of the question itself are available from many sources. What the paper did was allow representatives from both sides of it elaborate in detail. I think the opposite is true. They did a great job with it.

  49. A Moore says:

    Personally I don;t care. Tried it once and I did inhale, did not like it. I say just legalize and get it over with. Anybody can get it and or grow it anyway, might as well make some pols rich. Make money off it to lower our taxes(suuure). They are never going to stop it anyway, just like alcohol.

  50. Brian says:

    Marijuana is both physically and psychologically addictive, according to the world’s top medical researchers. Marijuana use is the No. 1 reason why adolescents are admitted to substance-use treatment in the United States and the No. 2 reason (behind alcohol) adults are admitted for substance-use treatment in the U.S. Today’s marijuana is also more addictive than ever. Marijuana sold today is exponentially more potent than marijuana consumed in the 1960s.


    This is not the same marijuana as a generation ago. THC levels are substantially and dangerously higher: Look at the graph attached as it shows dramatic increase in percentage of THC in marijuana between 1983 and 2009.


  51. Brian says:

    Medical marijuana in other states is clearly failing. Numerous studies in states that have approved marijuana for medical purposes have shown that the average “patient” is a 32-year-old white male with a history of drug and alcohol abuse and no history of life-threatening disease. Further studies have shown that very few people who use medical marijuana have cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma or multiple sclerosis. We are also now seeing links between medical marijuana and increased drug use and drug-related crime in other states.

    Responsible medicine doesn’t look like this. Marijuana is addictive. It is the No. 1 reason children are admitted to substance abuse treatment in the United States each year. For adults, it is the No. 2 reason, behind alcohol.

    No major medical organization in the nation, including the Massachusetts Medical Society, is calling for the use of marijuana as medicine

  52. Brian says:

    Illegally diverted “medical” marijuana is sold to our kids
    In Denver, of kids in drug rehab, 74% had received illegally diverted marijuana from a medical marijuana cardholder and had reported using diverted marijuana an average of 50 times. Massachusetts has already opened FOUR Rehab High Schools for drug-addicted teens and a fifth will open in Worcester next year.

    •35 pot retail stores would open the first year with the promise of more in subsequent years
    •People could carry a 60-day supply — the equivalent of hundreds of joints — around with them at all times
    •People could grow marijuana in their home
    •There is no expiration date on a doctor’s marijuana recommendation, and doctors with restrictions on their medical licenses would be able to recommend the drug. The loopholes and opportunities for an exploited, abused system are enormous.

  53. Brian says:

    Its hard to argue that one substance that wrecks and ruins millions of lives is “safer” than another substance that wrecks and ruins millions of lives. Alcohol and marijuana are not the same. They are consumed and metabolized differently by the body. Most people who use alcohol do so responsibly and without becoming intoxicated, or “drunk,” to the point of mental and physical impairment. However, the primary motivation for people who smoke marijuana recreationally is to “get high” or “stoned.”

  54. Brian says:

    Marijuana does, indeed, hurt users- particularly adolescents, who are in stages of brain growth and development that make them especially susceptible to addiction. Marijuana use also harms users’ family and friends. Consider babies born to women who used during pregnancy and children who are neglected and/or physically abused by drug-using parents. Marijuana use also contributes to crime that harms innocent people. Marijuana use hurts employers, whose companies lose productivity and may be held responsible for problems caused by marijuana-using workers. Marijuana use harms taxpayers, whose resources are diverted to cover costly problems associated with marijuana use.

  55. Toby says:

    Children and adolescents nationwide consistently report that marijuana is less available to them than alcohol and cigarettes. Studies have shown repeatedly that the less accessible a substance is, the less likely children and adolescents are to try it. Marijuana is less accessible simply because it’s illegal. There are three main drivers of substance abuse and addiction: accessibility, social acceptability and perceived risk of harm. When accessibility and social acceptability go up and a person’s sense of risk goes down, and that’s when trouble starts.


  56. mavoteNOonquestion3com says:

    So what is going to happen to MA if Question 3 passes:

    1. Up to five marijuana dispensaries would be allowed in each county in the first year — and more could be put in place after the first year. In other parts of the country, dispensaries are creating crime, community decay, nuisance and health and safety hazards. The problems these marijuana retail stores promote are not ones we want here in Massachusetts. For example, a 2012 study shows that among adolescents in substance abuse treatment in the Denver area, 74% had used someone else’s medical marijuana a median of 50 times. In June 2012, the Denver Police Department reported a 69% increase in crime at medical marijuana dispensaries over the first six months of the previous year. In fact, just recently, Los Angeles’ city council decided unanimously to shut down all of its dispensaries because of the crime and social problems they have caused.

    2. A marijuana cardholder could legally carry up to a 60-day supply. The proposed law would allow people to have a 2 month supply of marijuana on their person, transport in their vehicle and keep in their possession. However, that amount of marijuana is not defined in the law. If a one day supply is one joint, that’s 60 joints someone can have on their person. However, it is not unreasonable to assume that a day’s supply would be more like three joints – for morning, mid-day and evening doses. A 60-day supply then becomes 180 joints. That’s a lot of pot to be carrying! With amounts like that being individually distributed it will be very difficult to keep people from selling their “medical” marijuana to others.

    3. Anyone could get marijuana, not just the terminally ill. Listed allowable illnesses for treatment with “medical” marijuana include cancer, HIV, glaucoma, and “other conditions“. It is this loose and general language in the bill that makes it allowable for virtually anyone to obtain marijuana for any reason.

    4. Massachusetts will be at odds with federal law. Arizona’s attorney general has invalidated most of that state’s medical marijuana program, saying it is in violation of federal law. Similarly, a district court judge in Colorado has ruled that federal law trumps that state’s medical marijuana laws. Also relevant is the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 25 ruling striking down much of Arizona’s immigration law. In his majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy stated, “…the state may not pursue policies that undermine federal law.” If Question 3 is approved, Massachusetts taxpayers would be forced to foot costly bills for the legal showdown that undoubtedly would erupt between our state and the federal government. Massachusetts has far better and more important things to spend its money on than costly legal battles that would exhaust limited public resources that could be spent on much more effective healthcare for the very ill.


  57. Shannon says:

    I see everyone wants to beat on me. Well that is ok with me since I wont be stoned or drunk at the time. Dont get on my case or anyone elses for stating facts. And yes MIKE CANN you were very rude in that video where you were speaking at the debate. You could of asked a question and just got on with it. But no, you had to go on and on and on about NOTHING. So, take everything out on me please. It does not hurt as much as when Question 3 does not pass and you just cry and cry and cry. You then will have to go to try to legalize it. Again, good luck with that.

  58. Phil says:

    Repost From Moms for Marijuana:

    Dear Prohibitionists Nationwide,

    We the Marijuana Advocates forgive you. We do not blame you for your viewpoints. Because they are not your fault.

    You, sadly, are the victims of 75 years of propaganda from people who presented themselves as authoritarians over your education. You have been lied to by people you trusted.

    Likely, you have been told since early childhood about the “perils” and “risks” involved with marijuana. You were told using marijuana would make you stupid, lazy, unmotivated, and it would kill your brain cells. You were probably told it would cause lung cancer and would make you an addict who would then seek out cocaine or heroin. You might have been shown a picture of an egg in a frying pan.

    That must have scared you to death. We’re sorry the establishment used fear to brainwash you. Now, that is not to say you are foolish. You aren’t. When you consider the authority figures from whom you learned this untrue information, you took it as gospel. What you didn’t realize is that those authority figures probably didn’t have the correct information themselves.

    The blasphemy and theft of marijuana truth is generations old, passed down from parent to child, teacher to student. Most of us advocates were likely subjected to it, too.

    You see, the practice of demonizing marijuana is more than seven decades old! It was started on at least two premises: keeping the races divided and loads of money in rich men’s pockets.

    Here, in the 21st century, we now have a mountain of evidence – scientific, medical, economic, and botanical – which proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that marijuana is not the evil plant the government and other prohibitionists want you to think it is.

    Let us simplify one of dozens of points: the American Medical Association, the American Association of Family Physicians, and the American Cancer Society are just three of the respected and highly-educated organizations who recognize that marijuana has been unfairly demonized.

    So, We the Marijuana Advocates embrace you and are ready and willing to help you pull the wool from your eyes that has been forcibly applied for your whole lives. You need only do the research or ask the questions.

    There is not a marijuana advocate alive who would not be anxious to take time and teach you the truth about marijuana.

    But it is up to you to consider – if only for a moment – that you have been duped up to this point. If you can accept that possibility, we would be thrilled to welcome you into the realm of the factually-enlightened.

    We await you… and we apologize to you for the deception on behalf of those who have bamboozled you thus far.

    Written by Deborah Morgan for Moms for Marijuana

  59. Mike Cann says:

    On November 6th, Vote Yes on MA Question 3!
    Lorraine explains how medical marijuana helped her son Silas during his cancer treatment and helped to manage nausea and wasting at the end of his life. Vote Yes on 3 on November 6 and help thousands of patients like Silas.
    Subscribe to our youtube channel!

  60. Jim Miller says:

    I would guess that nobody on this thread here who is against Question 3 would be willing to debate someone who knows a thing or two about medical marijuana. Not in an open public debate with two rules…equal time and civility. Now why would that be? In any instance when there are two opposite points of view and one side wants open public discussion and the other side doesn’t, you don’t even have to know what the issue is about to know who has the courage of their convictions and who doesn’t. OK now. Who in this thread would be willing to have such an open debate? Yeah…that’s right. None of you. Hit and run is more to your liking isn’t it?

    What about it Shannon. You up for it? You have a lot to say when you are sitting at a key pad. How about an “equal time and civility” debate? I’m sure the Somerville News would be willing to have you and someone who favors Question 3 in for such a format.

    How about you Gotta Be Kidding? Do you have the courage of your stated convictions? Nah…it would be pretty embarrassing for you to be lost for words in a debate with a pothead. Hey, prove me wrong and weigh in and accept the challenge.

    What about you “Associations Against”? You’re looking pretty bad here after having been owned by me for your comments about the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation and their opinion about medical marijuana. But we both know that you couldn’t handle that. Best you put your tail between your legs and get out while the getting is good.

    Cindy,you seem to be the most genuine person who is against Question 3. The problem is that repeating bullet points from prohibitionist sources you trust looks good in print, but doesn’t work when someone is there to explain what those sources left out. “The passage of a law making it appear that marijuana has medicinal properties would further mislead the public and lead to increased use” would be something that I would love to have somebody rely on in a debate with me. Most anti-medical marijuana people have given up on saying that marijuana does not have medical properties. Look at the above citations from the same Multiple Sclerosis International Federation that Associations Against hung his hat on. How did THAT work out for him (them?)?

    Sandy G….pretty much the same as Cindy. Carcinogenic?…Like legal cigarettes?

    I think by now I have made my point. If you disagree but are unwilling to engage in an “equal time and civility” debate you will prove my point. You do not have the courage of your convictions past the point of hiding behind your key pad and preaching to your choir. So what about it? Any takers? I doubt it. Your style is more about typing something back without agreeing to showing up and allowing equal time to someone with an opposite point of view. Hit and run. Nothing more, nothing less.54NP

    The real losers here are the sick and dying residents of Massachusetts whose conditions you ignore.

  61. Mathis Erikson says:

    I find it interesting that if you are a supporter of Proposition 3 most of the people against it seem to think we are all “stoned” or “high” or “stoners”. Or as Shannon pointed out “drunk” simply because we are in favor of the bill. Shannon people aren’t beating on you they are just more well-informed than you. Your intolerance as well as the intolerance of the people that agree with you is disgusting. As the poster above Jim Miller has pointed out… Which of you will stand up for an open formatted debate? Hosted by all the major news channels as I am sure they would love to fill some time slots up with it?

    …………………… Didn’t think so.

    Anyone against question 3 going to do that? What do you have to fear from a bunch of high, stoned, drunk hippies? Oh wait that’s right you can’t list bullet points in a debate and hope twisted statistics will work when there’s someone there to point out the fallacies of them. The offer still stands, and if you are actually willing to agree to show your faces and debate in an open forum I would be happy to take up the reigns to organize a time/place with a representative from your side of the debate as well.

  62. Jim Lehere says:

    If you’re looking for a debate, I sincerely suggest you call Corey Mashburn at SCAP. You can also contact the local cable access channel and televise it. That would be a show I would watch.

  63. Lisa B says:


    This is a perfect example of lies. Heidi Hielman of the Massachusetts Prevention Alliance needs to get her facts straight!

  64. Shannon says:

    A debate huh? There has been many presentations an debates already around the state. All you guys are whining because people are posting facts. Well what are guys doing? POSTING FACTS or sorry LIES.

  65. Mike Cann says:

    I believe they all the same person and I will debate them under any forum, on my show, in Wayland, wherever, under the rules Jim described.

    At the Walden Forum, I felt like I was treated rudely. Kevin Sabet and I both actually handled it well, we laughed through it.

    The folks that went before me in question and answer? Went longer and did take awhile to get to their questions as I did. They were not treated the same way by the audience or moderator.

    I’ve spoken in many forums on this issue, Radio, TV, Print, Speaking engagements, public forums, with politicians, at the State House. Never has a group, forum, media, politician, State House hearing not allowed me two minutes to testify to my medical use and the question I want answered. Only at this Forum.

    Kevin Sabet has turned down my offer of a debate. I imagine it will be revisted after Nov. 6th, personally I have no issues with him and do think he can be more reasonable than the person from NO on Question 3 that sent out that press release and is posting here. I do not Kevin Sabet was fully engaged in that press release orr the continued attacks of myself. But somebody with No On Question 3, yes. I do wish to move on with the back and forth personal crap.. We just want that to stop. It’s fine to be opposed but be honest on it, don’t attack patients who are getting some benefit.

  66. Nichole says:

    Shannon do you think it’s funny when people “cry and cry and cry” that real people lose family members to real sicknesses like cancer?

    Shannon, it’s very difficult not to wish the worst on someone who has an extreme bitterness towards families desperate for a natural medicine.

    Do you know that Mike Cann is not like me? Or that he is not like other supporters of Question 3? What about Steve Sailing? Is he just drunk?

    Shame on you.

    I will “cry and cry and cry” when Question 3 passes because that has been what I also have been working for all of these years.

  67. Charlotte says:

    Massachusetts’ children and their parents and schools face enough challenges, and so-called medical marijuana would only compound them.
    But don’t take our word for it. Look, instead, at the numbers rolling into the Colorado Department of Education, where medical marijuana is legal. The numbers speak for themselves: school expulsion for drug violations overwhelmingly associated with marijuana use and dealing have rocketed up at alarming rates. Consider:

    1. Drug violations reported by Colorado’s K-12 schools have increased 45% in the past four years while the combined number of all other violations has dropped.

    2. During the 2009-10 academic year, Colorado schools recorded a concerning 25.2% increase in disciplinary reports for drug offenses over the previous school year. In that same period, school expulsions for drug offenses shot up 24.6%, and out-of-school suspensions were up 29%.

    3. Though the data include, but are not limited to, marijuana-related offenses, department officials attributed the dramatic changes to marijuana use and dealing. These troublesome increases happened in the same year that hundreds of marijuana dispensaries opened in Colorado.

    4. A lot of people thought the 2009-10 school year might be a blip of sorts on a radar. However, the level of drug violations reported during the 2010-11 school year not only held steady, but slightly increased.

    This is not the same marijuana as a generation ago. THC levels are substantially and dangerously higher: Graph of data from the University of Mississippi Potency Monitoring Project (.pdf) shows dramatic increase in percentage of THC in marijuana between 1983 and 2009.
    Then there’s an extensive, longitudinal study linking teen pot use with a decline in IQ and irreversible cognitive impairment. The study — peer-reviewed and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences — examined survey data from more than 1,000 people. It closely follows other new research reported in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry that has found heavy diversion of so-called “medical marijuana” to youth.

    Because of its jarring concerns, the Colorado Department of Education commissioned the development of materials aimed at helping teachers and parents understand why marijuana is especially harmful to adolescents. Learn more about the current state of peer-reviewed, respectable marijuana research, which overwhelmingly shows that marijuana undermines education.

  68. Betty says:

    The American Medical Association (AMA) endorsed “well-controlled studies of marijuana and related cannabinoids in patients with serious conditions for which preclinical, anecdotal, or controlled evidence suggests possible efficacy and the application of such results
    to the understanding and treatment of disease.” In November 2009, the AMA amended its policy, urging that marijuana’s status as a Schedule I controlled substance be reviewed “with January 2011 the goal of facilitating the conduct of clinical research and development of
    cannabinoid-based medicines, and alternate delivery methods.” The AMA also stated that “this should not be viewed as an endorsement of state-based medical cannabis programs, the legalization of marijuana, or that scientific evidence on the therapeutic use of cannabis meets the current standards for prescription drug product.”

    DEA Position on Marijuana, January 2011; “Policy H-95.952 ‘Medical Marijuana.”
    American Medical Association, Report 3 of the Council on Science and Public Health (I-09) Use
    of Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes.

  69. Betty says:

    The American Society of Addiction Medicine’s (ASAM) rejects smoking as a means of drug
    delivery. ASAM further recommends that “all cannabis, cannabis-based products and cannabis
    delivery devices should be subject to the same standards applicable to all other prescription
    medication and medical devices, and should not be distributed or otherwise provided to patients
    …” without FDA approval. ASAM also “discourages state interference in the federal medication
    approval process.”

    ASAM Public Policy on “Medical Marijuana.” (April 23, 2010) http://www.wfad.se/latestnews/

  70. Betty says:

    The American Cancer Society (ACS) “does not advocate inhaling smoke, nor the legalization
    of marijuana,” although the organization does support carefully controlled clinical studies for
    alternative delivery methods, specifically a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) skin patch.

    ] “Experts: Pot Smoking Is Not Best Choice to Treat Chemo Side-Effects.” American
    Cancer Society. May 22, 2001.

  71. Betty says:

    The American Glaucoma Society (AGS) states that “although marijuana can lower the
    intraocular pressure, the side effects and short duration of action, coupled with the lack of
    evidence that its use alters the course of glaucoma, preclude recommending this drug in any
    form for the treatment of glaucoma at the present time.”

    “American Glaucoma Society Position Statement: Marijuana and the Treatment of
    Glaucoma.” Jampel, Henry MD. MHS, Journal of Glaucoma: February 2010- Volume 19-Issue 2
    –pp.75-76 doi:10.1097/IJG.obo13e3181d12e39. also http://www.glaucomaweb.org .

  72. Betty says:

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) believes that “[a]ny change in the legal status
    of marijuana, even if limited to adults, could affect the prevalence of use among adolescents.”
    While it supports scientific research on the possible medical use of cannabinoids as opposed to
    smoked marijuana, it opposes the legalization of marijuana.

    Committee on Substance Abuse and Committee on Adolescence. “Legalization of
    Marijuana: Potential Impact on Youth.” Pediatrics Vol. 113, No. 6 ( June 6, 2004): 1825-1826.
    See als, Joffe, Alain, MD, MPH, and Yancy, Samuel, MD. “Legalization of Marijuana: Potential
    Impact on Youth.” Pediatrics Vol. 113, No. 6 ( June 6, 2004): e632-e638h

  73. Betty says:

    The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) has stated that it could not recommend
    medical marijuana be made widely available for people with multiple sclerosis for symptom
    management, explaining: “This decision was not only based on existing legal barriers to its use
    but, even more importantly, because studies to date do not demonstrate a clear benefit
    compared to existing symptomatic therapies and because side effects, systemic effects, and
    long-term effects are not yet clear.”

    ]“Recommendations Regarding the Use of Cannabis in Multiple Sclerosis: Executive
    Summary.” National Clinical Advisory Board of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Expert
    Opinion Paper, Treatment Recommendations for Physicians, April 2, 2008.

  74. Shannon says:

    Just tell me where and when the debate is and Ill be there.

  75. Jim Miller says:

    Yes Betty. You seem to prefer looking at older 2008 MS Society “Expert Opinion Papers” rather than the more current 2011 “Expert Opinion Papers” Hmmmmm. Now let’s see why.

    “An unexpected result of basic research, as well as some evidence from clinical trials, led to the discovery that cannabinoids may also reduce neuronal damage through acute or chronic mechanisms and promote synaptic plasticity, thereby possibly limiting disease progression, perhaps as an add-on to other treatments. In some ways this is even more exciting than its effects on symptoms such as pain and spasticity”.

    Did you read that Betty? “thereby possibly limiting disease progression”. Meaning people like my late wife may have lived longer. Of course THAT is not your concern. But wait…there’s more…

    “As with other studies, a basic problem may have been the use of the Ashworth scale as its primary measure. More encouraging was the 1-year followup of the CAMS study, in which two thirds of the original patients opted to continue; objective improvements on both spasticity (Ashworth Scale) and general disability indices were reported as
    well as improvements on pain and tremor (Zajicek et al., 2003, 2005)”.

    Is this why you do not display the courage of your convictions and step out of the shadows for a real in person debate? You might not get away with purposely using outdated material?

    So Shannon, Charlotte, and Betty…I guess I have to repeat this just for you.

    “If you disagree but are unwilling to engage in an “equal time and civility” debate you will prove my point. You do not have the courage of your convictions past the point of hiding behind your key pad and preaching to your choir. So what about it? Any takers? I doubt it. Your style is more about typing something back without agreeing to show up and allowing equal time to someone with an opposite point of view. Hit and run. Nothing more, nothing less”.

    In any discussion where there are two opposite points of view and one side wants discussion (No…not a typing back and forth “discussion”) and the other refuses, you don’t even have to know what the topic is to know who has the courage of their convictions and who doesn’t.

    Why stay in the shadows? Afraid that you will get owned by some stoner? Yeah…you proved my point. Go ahead. Start typing now without having the courage to show up for a real discussion. Thanks for that. Quick…type as fast as you can now

  76. Ray Spitzer says:

    The X Society that makes direct or indirect money from selling overpriced drugs for treat the symptoms of disease Y state that if you could replace their drug with MJ then their profit would fall. Therefore, they cannot recommend using MJ.

  77. LiarsAnonymous says:

    Are Shannon, Charlotte, and Betty all the same person? Looks like it to me. A great indicator of the dishonest level at which these people deal. Poor creature. Can you imagine it sitting in the sick pale light of its laptop in the dead of night feverishly cutting and pasting its sad snippets of misinformation? Creepy. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  78. Winter Hill Barney says:

    I have yet to come across a cannabis advocate who is not a single-issue zealot with anger management issues. In my entire life. Seriously. Why do all of you sound like dry drunks on the edge?

    I’m not particularly against the use of this particular drug, either recreationally or medicinally. But reading exchanges such as this one here confirms for me that there are plenty of people out there who can’t handle their substance use.

    I’m voting NO.

  79. Heather says:

    Wow, what an incredible amount of misinformation being spewed by the No On 3 (or as I like to call them, the “Concerned Citizens against Twinkie Shortages”) campaign. Their #1 argument is always “think of the children”, but if you actually start to think critically about their claims, it’s clear they’re blowing smoke.

    CLAIM #1: Marijuana use by children goes up when marijuana is made legal medically or decriminalized.

    Nope. In most cases, marijuana use has stayed level, or even gone down. In the one case of a documented increase–Colorado–analysts have attributed the difference to being a lessened stigma in reporting drug use, not an actual increase in usage.

    Read: http://www.salon.com/2012/08/15/pot_not_just_for_losers/

    CLAIM #2: Legalizing medical marijuana will make it easier for kids to get pot.

    Wrong again. Kids already report that marijuana is ‘easier to get’ than alcohol or cigarettes. That’s because drug dealers don’t ask for ID, or measure out dosages. Anyone can buy weed, if they’re willing to risk the chance of getting caught by parents, school officials, or police. Which brings me to my next point…

    CLAIM #3: More and more children are getting addicted to marijuana, as is evidenced by the growing number of kids admitted to treatment facilities for the drug.

    This lie is especially insidious, because on the surface, it’s true. More kids ARE being admitted to rehab for ‘marijuana addiction’, but it’s for a different reason than the No on 3’ers would have you believe. The reason for this increase isn’t because of the ‘increasingly addictive’ nature of today’s marijuana, but because kids are being pressured by parents, police, and school officials to choose between going to jail for low-level possession, or going to rehab to ‘cure their addiction’. If you were a teen who got caught smoking weed, what would you choose? Would you decide to go to jail, or would you decide to get ‘scared straight’ by being sent to a private rehab that will suck taxpayer’s and scared parents’ money out of their wallets so that they can be ‘rehabilitated’ for a handsome sum, and come out with no record? Obviously no kid is going to choose jail. Problem is, this provides statistical fodder for the law-and-order folks to claim that kids are more ‘addicted to marijuana’ due to their high enrollment in rehabs, even though they are pressured to go in exchange for a clean record.

    The reason why these ignorant claims gets me so angry is that marijuana prohibition is the absolute WORST policy imaginable for protecting children. Under prohibition, children are having their parents put in jail for using marijuana as medicine. Teens are losing their opportunity for a higher education because of drug possession convictions. Low-income students and students of color continue to be disproportionately prosecuted for drug offenses, further contributing to the self-fulfilling prophecy of poverty and crime that is endemic in certain communities.

    If you want to protect the children, then make the only sane choice this November 6th. Vote yes on Question 3. Your kids will thank you.

  80. JerryW says:

    Barney, you are expected to vote wrong. No surprise there. Incidentally, if one takes an objective dispassionate look at both sides it’s the opposition who are unreasonably angry and hostile, not the advocates. Every clear thinking person sees that. Angry? Not me. We’re winning. (:

  81. Ray Spitzer says:

    Folks, look at the results of the SN poll!
    YES wins by a large margin, end of story.

  82. Thomas Purdy says:

    When it comes to Marinol, Mr. Cann is guilty of Fuzzy Math. Yes, in Marinol the THC content is pure 100%. But its dosages of 2.5, 5 and 10 milligrams make the total THC content less than that of smoking a joint. Because the dosage can be carefully controlled, medical symptoms can be effectively treated while minimizing the undesirable side-effect of getting the patient “high”. Addiction to Marinol is uncommon. It has been successfully used to treat cancer patients and others nationwide, including Massachusetts since 1999. Compare it to raw marijuana where dosage is uncertain, the patient gets “high” and impaired, and can get addicted.

  83. Carol says:

    @ Heather..

    You said:

    The reason why these ignorant claims gets me so angry is that marijuana prohibition is the absolute WORST policy imaginable for protecting children. Under prohibition, children are having their parents put in jail for using marijuana as medicine. Teens are losing their opportunity for a higher education because of drug possession convictions.”

    If you legalize marijuana there will be an age limit such as 18 or 21 and teenagers that use will still be arrested or going to juvenile court. So, you lost that battle.

  84. Lisa B says:


    Tuesday October 16th the truth will come out that marijuana is a beneficial medicine!

  85. Shannon says:

    Ballot Question 3 lists specific conditions for which a doctor can recommend marijuana for (regardless if this passes, they can never “prescribe” marijuana because it’s illegal under federal law. Doctor’s would only be able to recommend marijuana), however, the language of the proposed law includes “other conditions” which would allow anyone to get marijuana for any reason (anxiety, pain, insomnia, ADHD, back pain, headaches, etc.). This is the same loop hole that allows for widespread recreational pot use through the medical marijuana framework in states like California and Colorado. Colorado has over 120,000 card holders, one in 40 adults hold a medical marijuana card….

  86. Lisa B says:

    Ballot Question 3 lists specific conditions for which a doctor can recommend marijuana for (regardless if this passes, they can never “prescribe” marijuana because it’s illegal under federal law. Doctor’s would only be able to recommend marijuana), however, the language of the proposed law includes “other conditions” which would allow anyone to get marijuana for any reason (anxiety, pain, insomnia, ADHD, back pain, headaches, etc.).

    Doctors can recommend patients do lots of things.Like get a second or third opinion if diagnosed with any condition.The “other conditions” that you refer to anxiety,pain, insomnia,ADHD,back pain,headaches etc.to my understanding are all helped by the use of cannabis.There is an enormous list of conditions that are relieved by using cannabis.I don’t think there are many laws that have been written and put in place that don’t have loop holes in them.What you describe as a loophole is not a good reason to deny people the right to choose what is best for their medical condition or a doctor the right to recommend what they think is right for their patients.The language in the proposed law is written to avoid complication for doctors and patients alike. It is written well and i sincerely hope everyone Votes Yes on Question 3.

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