HONK! comes to Somerville

On October 8, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

~Photos by Bobbie Toner

Activist Street Bands from Somerville to Italy turned Davis Square into a festival  this weekend.


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  1. j. connelly says:

    The group with the “pig” were marching all the way up by Teele Sq, along the boulevard. I dont think that was an “approved permit route” according to “Jackie from City Hall’s” reverse 311 call message.

    From the pictures it looks more like a protest parade than a honk festival.
    Covers the gamut of a lot of the usual informational protest groups, along with some of the “politically (un)correct” a.k.a. NWC groups.

  2. Ron Newman says:

    What is NWC?

    There were a number of small ‘neighborhood’ Honk parades on Friday evening, starting around Hodgkins Park. I think these mostly stuck to the sidewalk rather than the streets.

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