– Photo courtesy of Somerville Fire Department


On October 1 at 8:23 a.m.  the Somerville Fire Department responded to a serious gas main break at the rear of 3 Maxwells Green located just beneath the Lowell Street bridge. A contractor digging holes for new tree plantings accidentally struck and ruptured a high pressure gas main. The contractor was able to shut off the flow of gas prior to the arrival of the gas company but not before gas entered the adjacent, newly constructed apartment building. Firefighters evacuated the building and ventilated any gas from inside. Lowell Street was closed by the Somerville Police between Vernon and Princeton Streets until the situation was brought under control. All fire companies cleared the scene at 9:59 a.m. 

– Photo courtesy of Somerville Fire Department.

At 8:38 a.m. while the gas leak was in progress,  a fire broke out inside Apt#406 on the fourth floor of the Weston Manor located at 15 Weston Avenue. A fire originating atop a stove spread to cabinets above. Firefighters managed to bring it under control quickly with fire damage confined to the stove and cabinets and smoke damage inside the apartment.

~Deputy Fire Chief Charles Breen



2 Responses to “Somerville firefighters respond to serious gas main break at Maxwells Green”

  1. j. connelly says:

    Evidently this contractor cannot follow rules like calling Dig Safe before doing the project so the utility lines could be marked. This is not the first time a contractor has been planting trees and cut into a gas line. They did one within the past two years in front of the West Somerville Community School on the boulevard.

    The BOA needs to either create an ordinance making sure these contractors pay for a bond for possible damage created by them rupturing a gas, water line, etc. or have the legislature pass an appropriate law so the homeowners do not suffer the costs due to the irresponsible actions of these contractors who cannot take the time to call Dig Safe so the problem does not occur.

  2. A Moore says:

    I have worked on jobs where this has happened and we had called dig safe and they gave us the safe place to dig and we cut the main gas line in the street. The good part is we were covered for the problem as it was their fault. I don’t know if their equipment could be faullty or their plans. But it is a good idea anyway just to cover your butt. I don’t see what is so hard about a phone call just to play safel

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