The View From Prospect Hill – September 26

On September 26, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

We marvel at the audacity of those who would lead us by our hands, regarding us as lost and wayward children, unable to think for ourselves and behave responsibly.

The culture of the Nanny State has proliferated to the point of shear absurdity in these modern times. Big Brother is not only watching you, he is clocking your rate of speed, checking your credit rating, and, above all, regulating every possible civil code and ordinance that he can lay his well oiled hands on.

Dare we to muster the gumption and back-sass the big brass, we might get our wrists slapped. One way or another.

We think it’s time for our state legislators to back off and allow us to be the self-determined, responsible adults we know ourselves to be.

Allowing municipalities to regulate the issuance of liquor licenses within their own communities should be a no-brainer. It should, in fact, be considered a fundamental right.

Who can better determine what is good for a city than the citizens and their elected officials themselves? Why should one city be granted such a privilege while another is forced to go begging for the same consideration?

This is about the economic health of our community, not the making of ourselves into one big frat house party.

We are adults. Wizened by our experience and sense of responsibility to ourselves and to one another. We promise not to wreck the neighborhood or ourselves in the process of tending to the business of running our own lives.

Come on, Bro. Lighten up and just let it go.



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