Alleged auto burglar nabbed

On September 7, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police responded to a reported vehicle break-in at a Hancock St. residence last week.

A man fitting the description of the suspect was spotted on Hancock St. by arriving officers and was immediately detained.

Sean McKenna, 30, was told why he was being stopped and was asked if he had been checking vehicles in the area. He reportedly told police that he had approached a car for the purpose of taking a picture, as it was an older vehicle of interest to him.

A search of McKenna’s bag turned up a GPS unit and a radio. McKenna reportedly told officers that the property was his, and that he was on his way to sell the GPS unit, which he had bought from a friend about a year earlier.

The alleged victim who had called in the report to police spoke to the officers at the scene. He reportedly told them that he had heard his vehicle’s alarm go off and looked out the window, observing McKenna opening a door to the vehicle. The alleged victim further stated that as he went outside to stop the unwanted intrusion into his vehicle McKenna ran away.

The alleged victim said that McKenna returned shortly thereafter, police said.

The alleged victim checked the contents of his vehicle and told police that nothing was missing.

Based on witness reports, McKenna was placed under arrest and charged with felony daytime breaking and entering and receiving stolen property.

McKenna reportedly had a syringe in his possession and there was evidence of drug use by him, according to police.


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