The Somerville News Person of the Week- July 4

On July 4, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

The Somerville News Person of the Week, Louise McCarthy.

This week we salute Louise McCarthy of East Somerville, wife for 45 years to former Ward 1 Alderman Jim McCarthy, as well as a mother and a grandmother. If you’ve been to City Hall and visited the election department you’d recognize her big smile and great personality at the counter. But alas, it’s now 22 years and another good City of Somerville employee has officially retired from full-time service this past Friday. Her co-workers in the department gave her a nice party and just about everyone working for the city stopped in to bid farewell and to give their best wishes. Fortunately, we hear she’s coming back part time to help out but hopefully not until summer is over. She will want to relax and enjoy her official retirement and we hope she does.

Louise is a very nice lady, very genuine and has a personality that shines through to everyone who comes into contact with her. It doesn’t matter whether she’s on the job or off, she is the same great lady to everyone. To those of us who know Louise, we know that she is a nice person who speaks well of everyone, weather you’re new to Somerville or if you’ve been here all your life, she has a smile and pleasant disposition for everyone. The ever-popular Jimmy DelPonte made up a song for her about how she’s going to be missed. She was so proud of it at her farewell party, you could see it in her eyes. We hope Louise and her shining personality is around City Hall for a long time to come. We wish her the best in her retirement. We hope she and her husband Jimmy will enjoy each other’s company now that they have successfully raised three nice children, and they can also now enjoy all their grandchildren. If you see that mini-coup up at City Hall, she’s there. Drop in and say “Hi” to her, or if you see her around the city say “Hi” and wish her your best. This and many other reasons are why we choose Louise McCarthy as Somerville’s Person of the Week, July 4th week, 2012. All our best to you Louise, from your friends at The News. Cam, Bobbie, Publicover, Billy and Donald salute you for your hard work and friendship. Congratulations and our best to you.


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