Additional funds for housing authority

On March 22, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

The Somerville Housing Authority will be better funded this year thanks to the Capital Fund Program’s subsidy allotment.

By Harry Kane

The Somerville Housing Authority received an additional $98,723 in fiscal 2012, which will help pay for property maintenance.

The result: More improvements for low-income, elderly and disabled SHA housing.

The money is used to make the repairs to the properties. The Somerville Housing Authority allocates the funds for roofs, heating systems, window replacements, security systems, lights and more.

Deputy Director of the Housing Authority Paul Mackey said that the funds for improvements were in decline until this year.

“This year, because they reached a high performance status, we received almost $100,000 in additional capital funds,” said Mackey.

Each year all of the federal properties receive two pools of subsidies: one is an operation subsidy, which helps pay for administrative costs, and a second pool of money is allotted to do capital improvements for maintaining the properties. This second subsidy is called the Capital Fund Program.

The public housing authority, a division of the U.S. Department of Housing and Development, is annually measured for its effectiveness. This year the public housing assistance system score was rated a high performer.

“We’re really fortunate,” said Mackey. “They incentivize you to maintain and really keep your properties in good repair, and we do, so a large part of how we score well is by keeping our properties in good repair.”

Last year’s budget for the Somerville Housing Authority was  $731,179. The budget for 2012 is $829,902.

Senior Housing developments, like the one on Jaques Street, could be on the receiving end of this additional capital if the housing authority obtains the contract, says Ron Bonney, Chairman of the Board at The Somerville Housing Authority.

According to Bonney the development on Jaques Street needs replacements on some of their windows. “That will go out to bid and hopefully the housing authority will receive the contract,” he said. “The benefit would be for the residents to cut down on heating utility costs.”



8 Responses to “Additional funds for housing authority”

  1. Ray Spitzer says:

    What a joke… Just reduce property taxes for these people!

  2. solarwind says:

    First is the director is full of it, If you heard his personal views on these tenants he would be fired immediately. I know personally. 2nd is he is the biggest a$& kisser in the department, he would steam role over anyone to get ahead. His compassion comes up short. And his concerns for Maintaining the property, go only as far as his walk to his car. Oh and MR DIRECTOR, ” INCENTIVIZE” is not the word your looking for, if its a word at all. The words you were looking for is: Motivate, Stimulate, Provoke, Encourage,. Did your academically incompetent eldest to help you write this. I heard that some of his own relatives are homeless, and in need of housing, and have been on the list for years. Not that special treatment be awarded to family, but a point in the right direction wouldn’t hurt. But like I said if nothing is in it for him, forget it. The night of Mayor Joe was getting inaugurated, his nitwitted youngest was scraping off Dorothy Kelly’s bumper sticker. You bet those lips were nice and shinny by morning.

  3. solarwind says:

    After writing this comment, I began to think what a phony, Mr. Deputy Director is and was. To Speak on the Idea of his own relatives that need housing, They have been on the list for a while, and not helping them isn’t enough, he feels the need to defame them at every chance or cocktail he gets, what ever comes first. See my distaste for MR.p comes from years of observations. Once upon a time Mr. Director was living with his mother and 3 kids, at that time he found an old Lady to cozy up to, After finding out she had no next of kin, he went into action. Daily visits, buying groceries, pretending to care, which is what he does best. But of course there where other motives at play here, After the women passing, she left the house to him. Not to mention HE hasn’t done a good deed since. The same relatives that gave there free services to update and remodel the home are now in need of one. To drive the point home actually it has no relevancy to the article, but to the comment, over dinner one night, after Mrs Dir. had to many white russians, and Mr. had to many scotches, he began to vilify and make disparaging comments about our own Mayor and even his close friend J.M., calling them glorified Nwords, among other things. And unwarranted attacks against Maria C. ( good luck, we are all proud of you) saying jokes like what do you call a hooker carrying a brief case “M**** C********” stuff like that. The point is not only did you get under my skin after reading your name in with concerning content, but you have got under people as well. There is two sides to every story. And you step on enough hands on your way to the top, there wont be anyone to catch you when you fall. Cheers Mate…

  4. JP queen says:

    I would like to respond to the above comment by solarwind. It’s about time someone steps up to the plate. This bastard (and I hate use this language) has been getting away with too much. He does not care about anyone but himself, It is not fair that his own relatives are suffering when they could a safe place to live. I do hope the his red carpet treatment will come an end soon. We need to help our homeless,our needy etc. Thanks solarwind!!!

  5. solarwind says:

    Good Morning, Just saying hello, to keep these comments alive for another week, I take your camps silence as an admission of guilt.

  6. solarwind says:

    Eni Meni Miny Mo-
    lying cheating, who’s to know- If he took yours you should BLOW! And Out goes Y .O .U people take notice, beware, and take action.

  7. Chris says:

    I am very sorry that I’m coming to this comment party so late. In fact, I’m really only appeasing myself by writing here.
    To Solarwind – there are two sides to every story. Unfortunately, yours is not one of them. It’s clear from your avatar and chosen “name” that you’re anonymously posting – possibly due to fear of repercussion? More likely due to being a coward. In any case, I happen to be the son of Mr. D, referenced above. You know, the one you have claimed to be academically incompetent – which is hilarious coming from someone who writes grammatically incorrect and oft-incoherent sentences. Your “facts” are mere accusations, baseless ones at that (Mr.D doesn’t drink scotch, Mrs.D doesn’t drink white russians, neither of them tell dirty jokes, no ones hands were stepped on in order to “get to the top”, and I’ve never had a bumper sticker on my car). I’m sorry if life hasn’t always worked out for you. Maybe things are finally looking up. Either way, before spreading your libel and vitriol, I urge to take a deep breath and ask what you’re really angry about. My guess, you’ve been the maker of your own bed this whole time.

  8. problem says:

    I don’t know any of the people involved in all this. I have a serious problem with this newspaper allowing allegations and gossip like this to be printed anonymously. It’s unbelievable that people can post things using names and/or enough identifying information to figure it out. You do great damage to people who may or may not deserve it. This happened in another thread, and I have begged the moderators to stop letting this happen. This has to stop before it causes serious damage that can’t be repaired.

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