The View From Prospect Hill – March 7

On March 7, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

What are they thinking now? Raising fares and cutting services? This in the face of continuous new hiring? We knew things were going badly at the MBTA as far as budgetary concerns go, but this more than obvious disconnect seems to be going over the heads of the many who have their hands on the throttle, so to speak.

Many local residents have voiced their outrage at the proposed fare hikes and service cuts, as well they should. Many people who would otherwise have no viable alternative to public transportation would be severely hurt by some of the cost cutting measures that have been proposed.

A reasonable solution must be sought out and adopted. One that will remain sensitive to the needs of the MBTA customer while simultaneously ensuring the sustainability of service over the long haul.

Perhaps the first place to look for trimming the fat is within the MBTA ranks themselves. Recently hired personnel should be considered fair game for cutbacks. Longtime employees could put in some longer hours as well. Pensions plans should be put under scrutiny too.

Every reasonable option should be considered first, before making policy that essentially bites the hands that feed the MBTA. These are the hands of the public, their customers.

Every smart business professional knows that the customer is always right.


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